Phallic Phriday...erm...Saturday

I don't know if it's just me, but everything looks phallic today. You tell me, does everything look phallic to you?

Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny Aquamarine Heels and Mini. I hope she doesn't bend over! Of course, that's not the phallic aspect. We all know why unicorns only consort with virgins, right? Am I right?

Ummmm, yeah. Okay then. What is it about men and their need to conflate God with Penis? Or am I being a feminazi?

Maughta to the fathership, you are safe for entry. I like how the name Bova contains the word "ova" which is so nicely juxtaposed with this....erm...ship. You want a closer look?

Oh-h-h-h-h-h-h yeah!

Hope you've enjoyed this prurient trip into the phallocentric universe. Beam me up, Scotty.


DocTurtle said...

Wow. Um.



I've read the entire Dune series, and never really noticed that cover.


I had to go back for a second look to tell that the Bova book actually had a title. I guess Bova's a big enough name that the title's unimportant. Patricia Cornwall could write a book called You're a Stupid Conformist Asshat If You Buy This Book and it would sell like hotcakes. I think Asimov's last book was titled Some Shit I Thought Up While on the Can. It didn't matter: millions of fifteen-year-old undersexed geeks still spent months memorizing passages from it and debating how realistic were the physics of the eternally wind-swept ice planet of ever-virginal vixens.

Nice homage to Al Scaduto, by the way. Al is the man. If ever there is to be a man, then Al is to be that man.

Snow said...

BEN BOVA colonizes your womb!

So, is the unicorn Scottish?

Unknown said...

I had that happen Saturday too, when we found out they're making a movie of Elric.

Elric has an enormous sentient broadsword that makes him do bad things.

A REEELY big broadsword.

Snow said...

you can't mention Elric and humongous longswords without mentioning the author's name.

Unknown said...

Moorcock! Moorcock! And he was BORN with that name, he claims!

I had a friend in college whose last name was Morehead, and she cursed it every day.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Bova's colony is a NASA design from the 70's...

(not that it doesn't look phallic, but it actually WAS a design of a space colony)

tricia said...

The two Astonishing Stories covers by Gabriel Mayorga are also very prime examples.

vwolfe said...

I am sorry that just looks like Ben Ova which when said out loud kinda sounds like bend over which I guess goes great with the cover art