A Quickie: Naked Noble Savage

"Hello, little bunny...come to Ishi...closer...closer...I won't hurt you..." SNAP! "Mmmmmmm, them's good eatin'!"

Someone's been learning from the ex-Pralite monks:
An ex-Pralite monk's method to hunting: It consists mainly of standing still for a while and smiling! After a while an animal -a deer perhaps - will appear from out of the trees and watch you cautiously. Continue to smile at it, let your eyes soften and shine, and radiate a deep and universal love, a love which reaches out to embrace all of creation. A wonderful quietness will descend on the surrounding countryside, peaceful and serene, emanating from your transfigured body. Slowly the deer will approach, step by step, until it almost nuzzles you, whereupon you will reach out and break its neck.
RIP, Douglas Adams.
UPDATE: Now NON-Fiction! Thanks, another Josh!


Anonymous said...

Just a note: I see you labeled the post about Ishi: The Last of His Tribe as Fiction, when it's actually a biography of what is thought to be the last "wild" Native American. Unfortunately, the copy I read had a rather boring cover with just words, no cover art.

Kiwi said...
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Bryan R. Terry said...

My wife's great-great-uncle was Thomas Waterman, the UC Berkeley anthropologist who worked with Ishi when he was discovered. I've talked with his (Waterman's) daughter (the late Helen Waterman) who was a young girl when Ishi came to live with them. Very fascinating ... though the cover is a little ridiculous.

Snow said...

So, is Ishi the naked guy or the bunny? Is the the sequel to Watership Down?

M. Garrett Steele said...

Hey! I've looked at this blog a few times through The Comics Curmudgeon, and I love it.
A few things, since I haven't ever really commented here before (I don't think.)
You posted a book by Gina Wilkins. I actually know her personally. Not terribly well, but her daughter and I are friends. I'm not sure if that will ever, ever be useful, but there it is. Both of them know whatever standards it is that romance novels are judged by and can do something approaching an in-depth literary analysis with them.
Also, I wanted to thank you for making Mondays worthwhile. Thanks also for linking to Snow's site. I've often marveled at the velcro breasts, myself. (on that note, if you want realistic-looking comic book art, try Alex Ross. Not only does he use models, he does some of the most striking art with watercolor that I've ever seen in my life.)
Sorry for posting a lot of probably boring and semi-relevant comments, but I just re-discovered this blog and really wanted to jump in.

Anonymous said...

Ishi: the Romulan nudist.