Mammary Monday--Maughta goes to the Bookstore

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The things I buy just to show you guys some tits....

And now, for a gratuitous dog picture:


Edward invites Jacob and friends to be in his wedding party

I must be spending entirely too much time on Wedinator, because the first thing I thought upon seeing this picture was that it was a picture of groomsmen and groom.  I'm still not sure it's not.  Either that, or the smash Broadway hit Cats in Space!




I found a new blog, and I have a feeling I'll be stealing...erm...sharing a lot of their finds.  Her's a classic Mammary Monday cover!



Saturday Re-Post: Let Me IN!


I knew when I first saw this that it was the cover to begin this blog with. It probably influenced me to write the blog in the first place. I mean, it's just sooooo perfect. There's the pigs, the come-hither look on the mostly naked hunk, the hand in the process of removing the blanket (and uncovering more of the naked hunk?), the little fairie in the corner (the book is part of a series called "Faerie Tale Romance"), and oh, yeah, did I mention the PIGS?!?

Apparently this book is a take off on classic tale of the Three Little Pigs. Benjamin Wolfe's family is run out of Piggville, TX in his youth, only to return and, in revenge, attempt to seduce the three Pigg sisters (I swear, you can't make this shit up!). As the jacket says, "(h)e'd drag their family name through the mud, and see to it that, whether their homes were made of straw, sticks or brick, the sisters would ultimately be forced out of town."

Is there such a thing as driving a point into the ground and then stomping on it? Yes. Yes there is. Or, I suppose, have it trampled by pigs.


MLK is Responsible for this Post Being Late

All day yesterday I thought it was Monday and all day today I thought it was Tuesday.  In that vein, I present to you...TUSHIE TUESDAY!!!!  A day late and a dollar short, but, hello, BUTTS!  BUMS!  ARSES!  Today's cover features not just an exceptional ass, but also features a glowing turkey baster.  Just what every girl needs.  As submitter, Baron, says, BADONKADONK!

Does anyone else feel like this day is gonna turn into Urban Fantasy day??


How Many Tits do Cats Have, Anyway?

Okay, so it's not really a Mammary Monday post, but I was cleaning out my books and discovered this book that I bought (BOUGHT!, that's how much I love you guys) solely for the purpose of taking a picture and posting this on the blog.

It's a romance novel....

The heroine's name is Maggie (which is my real name, so it's special to me, just like Maggie, Girl of the Streets by Crane and "Dirty" Maggie Mae by the Beatles...okay, maybe those aren't good examples)...

And did I mention she's a cat??????



Daddy Long Legs Lost

Michael W. sent me this poor, lost, little girl.  Frankly, I'm a little more worried about her skeletal structure and GIANT CLOWN FEET than I am about her being lost.  And those arm-warmers could definitely be found on Regretsy.

However much this girl creeps me out, I do have to say that, overall, I'm really impressed with the "Hard Case Crime" book covers.  Taking oldish mystery books and reissuing them with throwback pulp covers is a great idea. They just REALLY failed on this one.


The Pre-Mammary Monday

As the submitter, Lola, points out, this seems to be a special Sweet Valley High edition of Big Love. All the ugly wives gang up on Taffy because of her blonde tresses. I would totally watch that.  Also, the cover artist was apparently busy the day they covered perspective in art school. Unless the redhead and the brunette really ARE seven feet tall.


Phallic Phriday!

I apologize for the size of this...

...The image, not the ax!  Sheesh, you people.

submitter: Sam S-B


The Melted.

You know what everyone needs? Boots that cover your calves but keep your toes free. Because you never know when you'll need your prehensile toes to help you slither up onto a deck, while somehow lit from the front (but back lit by a fire burns behind you), and something that looks like a fish or a flower or a, I don't know, open book or something attacks the ship behind you.

Also, darlin', I think you got a little too close to the fire. I'm afraid your face has melted.


2011 Seems like a good year to go to hell

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack! I've managed to crawl out of the pit of despair, only mostly dead, to once again bring you terrible, awful, horrendous, and highly hilarious book covers. And who better to start off the year with than Peek-a-Boo Jesus! I'm just dying to know what Aryan Jesus is hiding, don't you?

To my faithful hordes: Thank you for sustaining me in my hour of need. Jesus and I will be waiting, perhaps around the next corner, to jump out and shout, "Peek-a-boo!"

To my new readers: Welcome! This was once a very successful blog, and by golly, with your help, it will be so again!
To Biker Puppy: Thanks so much for sustaining the vibe. You rock!

In other news, I don't work in a library any more, so I need all the covers you can send me! Judgeabook@yahoo.com is open and taking suggestions. Mammary Monday and Phallic Phridays can't commence without your help. Thanks to Jane Dough for peek-a-boo Jesus!

And, as a shameless bit of friend promotion, my good friend Darin Bradley wrote a book. It's totally awesome and apocalyptic and you should go out and buy ten copies right now. The cover is rather cool, so I'll just let you cleanse your palate as you await the next installment of Judge. A. Book. By. Its. Cover. Be afraid.