Kinky Kids

Caffeinated Donut tells me that (s)he "found Kinky Kids in my brother's room about a year ago." The question I'm sure we all want answered is what your brother was doing with kinky kids. Or, well, maybe we don't want that answered...
Is that G. W. and Laura? Damn, I wish Jenna and Babs had done this years ago, the world would be a better place!


Training Manual?

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that this is not the way it's done. Even on the internets (rule 34 notwithstanding).

Mea Culpa

Sorry I missed Phallic Phriday yesterday. What can I say? The weasels got me.

(thanks, Laura F!)


Man vs. Nature

I love Cute Overload. It drives DocTurtle nuts because, of course, the estrogen levels in the house become almost toxic. But seriously, sometimes it's the only thing that keeps me sane while dealing with patrons off their meds and coworkers in need of meds without resorting to meds myself.

So I know a thing or two about pandas. I know about mini pandas, panda sneezes, even red pandas, but I've never come across a vampire bat panda before!

*Panda Thoughts* Not so cute now, motherfucker!


Surely That's a Pen Name

I'll leave it up to you folks to make fun of the cover (and boy, is it ripe for derision...but then again, it's from Baen, so what do we expect), but I did want to point out that, when I went looking for a image of this cover for the blog I also found this blurb (thanks, Fantastic Fiction!):

A high-tech bioterrorist and the first true artificial intelligence hold the fate of humanity in the balance in this race-against-doomsday novel by a serving U.S. naval officer, Commander Tom Cool, patently one of the most gifted naval officers to write science fiction since Robert A. Heinlein. Full page ads in Locus and Science Fiction Chronicle.

I dare you to find one bit of this statement that doesn't make this guy sound like a raving egotistical asshole. Yup, sure makes me want to read it!


Picking on Focus on the Family

As long as we're picking on James Dobson and Focus on the Family (always a favorite past-time around my house), Preparing for Adolescence apparently involves pegging your jeans and humping a street sign and wearing all denim.

Viva las '80s, no?


I'm feeling better!

I have a whole host of books backing up for your enjoyment and will get to them presently. For right now, however, I'll leave you with these pictures from reader Snow, who is in Phallic Phriday withdrawal and is seeing "them" everywhere! The horror!

From Snow:

Miss Maughta, I miss Phallic Phriday, but I haven't been to a bookstore (or library) in ages. I did go to "America's Country Store" yesterday for birdseed and cat food, though. From the attached photos you'd have thought I went to Good Vibes.

By the way, these are ergonomically designed. Ah. That's what they call it these days.


Pinch Hitting

Since Maggie's feeling under the weather, I thought I'd fill in with a cover I've seen a few times recently in the inspirational nonfiction section of our Local Grocery Chain™'s bookshelves. Behold, Here for You:

It ain't so ugly, maybe, but I swear that when you see this book in amongst others on the shelf, the topmost portion of the cover photo doesn't catch your eye, and you really can't tell that you've got a mom and her daughter sitting next to each on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away. Maybe my mind's just a bit on the macabre side, but every time I've seen this book in the store my first thought has been "double suicide." Way to build those bonds, Mom.

You may be interested in knowing that Susie Shellenberger is editor of Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family's teen girl mag, Brio.

Well, olé!

Judging from the prominent (for Focus on the Family, at any rate) lack of mention of family in her author bios, I'm guessing that Ms. Shellenberger, besides being proud owner of a 150-pound St. Bernard named Bosco (a fact that figures in both bios that I read on her, here and here), is also batting for the other team, if you know what I mean (and I think you do). I find that very funny, given her stature in the Dobsonian universe.


Hey y'all,

I'm under the weather. Since no one's actually RSVPed to meet me on Sunday I'm gonna go ahead and cancel the meetup. If you were just aching to go let me know and I'll reschedule.

More hideous covers to come soon!