Al Scaduto Rocks the House

Not book related, but Maughta related, so deal.

For those of you who've gotten here by other means than Comics Curmudgeon*, you may have missed the glory that is They'll Do It Every Time (TDIET) by Al Scaduto. It's an old, ooooooold school comic strip (think the '50s) that is still alive and kicking, and still taking ideas from its readers. Just yesterday DocTurtle and I had our idea published.

This actually happens in our house. However, to save Mr. Scaduto's 1950s sensibilities, we switched the genders around. Yes, 'tis I who sits around in oblivion, usually reading or surfing the net, while poor DocTurtle labors away cleaning up after me and the dogs. Since he's also the primary breadwinner of the family, I make out like a bandit. No one can understand how I lucked out so much (not even my Jewish mother, who thinks the sun rises and sets on me, but recently told me she's proud of me, but really proud of Patrick. We love you, Mom!). Charm, humor, and the love potion from the gypsy down the stree....ulp...forget I said that! Let me just say that I love my DocTurtle with all that is in me, and he must be getting something out of the bargain 'cause he hasn't run screaming yet. And you can't have him. Neener neener.

Here's a shot of us from six years ago, the day before our wedding. See how tightly I've got a hold of him? No escape! (Please don't ask me about those pants. I was young.)

Wow, we do look like Mr. Scaduto's drawing, down to the color of my shirt. Creeeeeeepy.

So this has really turned into a paean to my Patrick, the coolest mathematician on the block. Sorry for the sidestep into Maughtaworld; more covers to come soon. Just thought I'd take a moment to show you how my fame spreads far and wide. Like my hips.

*The rockingest blog on the blogosphere and someplace you should definitely go.


DocTurtle said...

Lies! All of it! Lies!!! Well, um...except for the pants. She was young.

Anonymous said...

Good Evening all! Ma & Pa Maughta here.... We are reading the blog, as we speak (or actually type), and we remember that picture! Somewhere in Lynchburg, Tn. as we recall. In fact it was I (Pa Maughta) who "snaped the picture". Congratulations on your published idea!