Phallic Phriday (Now on Fridays!)

Yes, I am in just under the wire here with Phallic Phriday. And although I'm not sure anything can top Ben Bova's Colony, I think we've got some definite contenders here (or, as my mother says, I'm obsessed). But first, a joke:

A psychiatrist asks his client to look at a series of pictures and say the first word that comes to mind. (Is there anything more ripe for psychiatrist humor than the Rorschach test?*) So the man sees the first picture and the first word he thinks of is SEX. Second picture: SEX. Third picture: SEX. This goes on, and the psychiatrist finally says, "You know, I think you're obsessed with sex." "Well," the man replies, "you're the one drawing all the dirty pictures!"


What's that coming out of your pants, Mr. Explorer-Man? Why it's a little green man. Good thing your dick-ship is standing by!

Gosh-wow, super-colossal phallus won the Pulitzer. Bet the voting committee were all men!

And finally we have knitting, a craft typically associated with the little lady. Here we have a depiction of what looks, to me, like a mechanical device also associated with the little lady. That ain't no back massager, Ma!

*Leave it to a mathematician: Found this totally awesome inkblot generating site. Maughta apparently looks like a vampiric hippo.

It's pretty darn accurate, too. That's what I look like in real life!


And finally, MaughtaMom and MaughtaStepDad were here this past week and MaughtaStepDad took some awesome pictures (MaughtaPictures?). Here're some gratuitous pictures of the MaughtaDogs (tired of self-referential names?).


Snow said...

I don't think we have to guess what's dislocating the little green man's shoulder on the Andre Norton cover.

Emily said...

Ever been to Pittsburgh?

University of Pittsburgh has a building called "The Cathedral of Learning" and it is the 3rd or 4th tallest educational structure in the world. I think maybe first in the US. That's what's on the cover of "Kavalier & Clay".

(Guess what my alma mater is.)

Miss Maggie said...

My Mom's from Latrobe (home of Mr. Rogers, Rolling Rock beer, and Arnold Palmer, thank you very much), so I know Pittsburgh pretty well. Knowing that's an educational building makes me think of Terry Pratchett's Tower of Art at the Unseen University in Discworld. Only there are (sadly) no wizards in Kavalier and Clay.

Anonymous said...

Well, whichever building it is, I'm just glad it's "super-collosal." What's the point of a phallus that isn't?

DocTurtle said...

Mr. Explorerman/alien-rapist looks like a cross between a young Danny Kaye and Mark Trail. Or maybe the Man with the Yellow Hat from the Curious George books. He also looks like he's about to burst forth into song: "I am a redwood kiiiiiiiiing...and it is, it is a glorious thing, to be a redwood king!"

Like secretmargo, I make my reading decisions based upon the entirely acontextual and meaninglessly sycophantic and anonymous blurbs on the front cover. As such, what impresses me most about Kavalier and Clay is its clear gosh-wow factor. (As in "gosh-wow! Look at that giant prick!") I'm currently reading a book that I could only describe as gee-huh (as in, "where are all the giant pricks?"), and though it's holding my attention, I find myself around page 180 thinking, if only there were a little more gosh and a little less gee-whillikers.