Yet another thing that I would prefer NOT pop...

We had several popup books a few weeks ago, so I wasn't going to do another popup book post, but I absolutely love the cover of this book! Seriously, though, a popup on menopause?? What's next? The children's popup book on death?

The cover is brilliant, though. The flower (presumably the menopauseur) has clearly taken advantage of her doctor's offer of drugs -- lots of drugs -- to help with the symptoms. In fact, I'm pretty sure she doesn't care if the next hot flash causes her to burst into flames, 'cause she's feeling no pain. I assume that the reddish swirlies around her must represent hot flashes, and the blue ones must represent night sweats, or some other lovely symptom. When you open the book, if you turn to the hot flash page, a blowtorch comes at you and burns off your eyebrows, the night sweat page dumps a bucket of water on you, and the mood page appears blank, until a hand comes out of nowhere and smacks you upside the head. The stars on the cover art are clearly meant to represent sharp objects that randomly poke our heroine and make her extremely irritable. At least, that's what they would be doing if she weren't so happily drugged. When I finally reach that stage in life, I'm taking every single drug my doctor will offer me (and, because I live in California, I have more options than some of you), including every clinical trial that offers to end my suffering. I watched my mom go through it for almost 10 full years (much of that while my sister and I hit puberty -- poor Dad!!!), and there's no way I'm going to suffer in silence (or even suffer yelling and complaining like Mom did)!

I wish I could see inside this book! Amazon shows a couple pages, including a board game and quizzes! What else should be in this book? Tell me your thoughts!


Whenever I feel that my life sucks too much...

... I read this book.
Death is a subject too often thought of as a "heavy," depressing topic. What happened to the fun? What happened to the humor? What happened to making fun of death? Oh ... that was just MY family? Ok.

I absolutely adore the dinosaur's expression -- he looks so incredibly shocked and sad all at once. Deceptively simple yet amazing artwork, in my completely uneducated-about-art opinion.

Check out the pictures from inside (note, the ones of the old man are backwards, so start from the right or it won't make sense). Hilarious. I'm totally buying this book.

Happy Hump Day.*

(*please note: in no way am I implying that this book is appropriate for Hump Wednesdays on this blog. Even MY family isn't THAT weird. I'm just rejoicing that we're half way through the work week.)