Wizards and Cats...

...a creepy combination!

How does one get from here:

To here?

Through this:

Cats Fear No Evil is just horrifying, and I LIKE cats. But evil yellow-eyed staring cats? Creepy. And I think we've seen from Mr. Pearl and Mr. Trollope that having a cover done almost entirely in crayon yellow is never a good idea.

It is, of course, A Wizard in Peace that takes the cake, mostly for the creepy guy in the background wearing a speedo over his clothes. Is it a Fantasy, as evidenced by the Renaissance fest clothing and dippy feather-in-ones-cap, or Sci-Fi based upon the weird-guy-from-a-second-rate-Sci-Fi-movie in the background? (Have you seen the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 episode of Space Mutiny? What are you waiting for!? You must!) Or is it crap? Who can tell, with a cover like that?!

I threw in The Feline Wizard because one, I'm sick and tired of cat this-and-that selling books (how many cat mystery series do we really need?!), but mostly because of the bad rhyme in the copy. It would by a crime to waste your time on a wizard in rhyme (and flea-collar).


P.S. It's my fiftieth post. Yay me!


Anonymous said...

I'm opposed to using the word "rhyme" as a rhyming word. It just seems too meta.

Anonymous said...

Especially since the meter is off, as well as sounding like a horrible play on "A Wrinkle in Time."


Snow said...

I know, I know, it's probably just me, but the wizard is totally humping the ren-fest reject's leg.

Bryan R. Terry said...

Space Mutiny as done by MST3K is available (in its entirety) at Google Video:


Anonymous said...

Space Mutiny is AWESOME! I own the DVD of the MST3K version, and it was the best DVD investment I've ever made,

And yeah, that was supposed to rhyme, huh? Totally missed that.

Unknown said...

Number two is a winner (loser?) of the bad taste contest, but I like the two gray cats, yellow or not. Good transition, though.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE MST3K's version of Space Mutiny!

Anonymous said...

Actually, there was something I found more disturbing about the book than the space-man doing the robot. It deserves an encore for Phallic Phriday. Maybe it's just me (though I doubt it), but what is with the tower in the upper left corner?

Also, the woman appears to be storing pixie dust in her socks.

Love the blog, keep it going.

Larry Lennhoff said...

Wizard in Peace is a science fiction novel set in a universe in which a bunch of people from the Society for Creative Anachronism settled on a planet and then developed psionic powers, which they think of as magic. Now one of them is roaming around the rest of the galaxy. So it is sort of a Science Fiction/Fantasy crossover.