Plutonium Blonde

This is for all the moms out there. You ever notice how people give you toasters? Banks, wedding guests, husbands/significant others who have since learned their lesson and gave you chocolate and flowers this year? Well, here's what you can do with said toasters:

In case the picture is not enough, here's a glance at the small type:

He was the last P.I. on the planet, but could he save the world from a
nuclear-powered, genocidal, exotic-dancing fembot?

...who hurls toasters? And wears a gold bustier? Austin Powers, eat your heart out.

Plutonium Blonde


Bill Peschel said...

And it took two guys to write that gem. Imagine the workload!

smacky said...

It's a really good series, though. SciFi comedy. Four books in the series, each with a hair color in the title. I totally dig the pulp cover style. Since I know the plot doesn't take itself too seriously, it's perfect.

Snow said...

Actually, I was thinking that her outfit was kind of cool. Much more sensible than today's comic book ladies. Add a couple of straps to it, and I'd wear it as a swimsuit.

Carrera said...

It's one of those cases of "title first, story second."

Vlad said...


DocTurtle said...

I...I think...I think I'm in love...

Murphy Jacobs said...

One day someone will write a full expose on the weapon potential of household appliances. That person will then disappear under the auspices of Homeland Security and suddenly you won't be ABLE to buy a toaster without a background check and a five day waiting period.

You just watch and see.

Kiwi said...

FINALLY! Chicks with Hips have returned!

Nothing is worse that today's 'acceptable" version of beautiful wemmens.

I demand more wemmens with hips!

btw, this book wins the internets.

Anonymous said...

I like the cover a lot. It's meant to be a fun light read.

Smacky is right I don't take it too seriously.

It's bubble gum for the brain.