Creepy YA lit (isn't it all?)

So what, exactly, is up with the publishers of YA literature? Do they want kids to read their books? Are they trying to garner an audience? Not very hard, it seems to me. Take a gander at Ron Koertge's book, Harmony Arms (scanned and e-mailed by faithful reader Larry New -- 10,000 thanks, Larry!):

The first thing that all my colleagues at the library wanted to know, upon being shown this cover, is: Why is his nose bleeding? I'm not really sure, but I'm guessing it's 'cause of the cocaine 8-ball that the cover artist binged upon before getting out his/her scissors and collaging this all together. It's a bit difficult to tell in this scanned image, but everything, from his lips to the girl with the camera (to her arm that's totally out of place and the wrong size...and not attached in any way to the video camera) to his hair has been cut and pasted together. It seems like something a seriously disturbed kidnapper with a primary color fetish would send to his victims.

Larry has also taken the opportunity to scan in some other covers from Ron Koertge. As you can see, odd covers are par for the course for Mr. Koertge. Is that a bra with a bullseye motif?!

Ron Koertge


Snow said...

The boy in the moon has an incredibly creepy and phallic nose.

Anonymous said...

Is The Boy in the Moon a YA gay love story? If so, that's pretty progressive...and likely to be banned in all but one school in the continental US.

DocTurtle said...

I'm lovin' the unlaced Adidas on the one kid on the The boy in the moon's cover. Rock! Maybe it's about the rise and fall of the rap career of a gay white teenager in '80s Queens. I'd read that. Maybe.

prodlike said...

you forgot to mention the dead body in the pool. love your blog.

Anonymous said...

"A disturbed kidnapper with a primary color fetish...." I am almost literally rolling on the floor laughing.

Anonymous said...

Hey wait isn't that middle one done in the style of Lynda Barry, who wrote a comic book series (that is, comic books in the style of Calvin&Hobbes or Bloom County, not Spiderman) back in the 1980s? I swear to god it is her art work.

Plug her name into Amazon and use the title "The Greatest of Marlys" and you will see... that is actually her style, not cut and paste, and the comic pretends to be written by a child.