Google me this...

News you can't use, but it's cool anyway:

If you do a google search on Longarm western books this blog shows up as #9. Yes, yes, I do indeed rock.

Boo ya!


I have to say, everyone is less cool than I am (I'm coming down off a cold and feeling invincible again!). Although I did enjoy this guy's description of Longarm: Mark B's Place. He mentions several times how massively well-endowed Longarm is. I could have told you that from the name!


I'm totally #3 if you google Longarm Tabor Evans. Okay, no more playing with google. It's going to my (massively endowed) head. Oops, I lied anyway. I'm actually #63. Damn. I'm an idiot.


Anonymous said...

The Longarm giants have much less interesting covers with a completely different profile of Longarm that's about 200 times less cool.


Miss Maggie said...
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Kiwi said...

I noticed a lot of you guys are posting links and that the links are getting lost (at least in my browser). You may want to give http://tinyurl.com/ a try. You just paste in the url and it gives you a new one. :D

Anonymous said...

Should have thought of that.


vwolfe said...

actually if you sear judeabook all one word you come up first in google :D