Headed North by Northwest

So folks, DocTurtle and I are off to Kentucky to visit the WORLD FAMOUS Mammoth Cave. I apologize for the snark interruption. I'll be sure the check the gift shop for any good books.
Because they're just so damned snarkworthy, here're some more Harlequin NASCAR romances. Enjoy!

(Is there one of these titles that's not a '90s rock song?!)


Snow said...

Wow! These NASCAR folks are fickle. The guy in "Hearts Under Caution" took a shower and put on a nice shirt for "Danger Zone." Did he change more than his clothes?

Note also that the woman in "Danger Zone" is much happier after she dyes her hair, dumps Mr. WhiteShirt and takes up with Steve Irwin's better looking brother.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog idea, and I'm enjoying the posts. But I think it'd be pretty interesting if you included some funny, interesting, beautiful or godawful covers from "high" literature--so you'd really get into the spirit of judging a book by its cover (e.g., a good book by a bad cover).

Chris said...

I had to show my husband- the Nascar fan. Even he thinks they're cheesy.

Btw, Danger Zone was from the 80's- the Top Gun soundtrack (yes, I had it)