Not a Phallic Phriday Post

Well, not even a book post, but interesting (to me) nonetheless. Because it's so freakin' funny, here are some of the search terms that people have been using to find my blog. I don't ever remember discussing Jesus dipped in urine OR little bunny naked. Oh, and some people are really into pecs.

Of course, that said, I'm glad no one can access my search histories!

librarian blog
book covers
the texas-israeli war book
judge a book by its cover
judging a book by its coverb
ook covers
you can't judge a book by looking at its cover
first paragraph of room 13
ya gay lit blog
you shouldn't judge a book by its cover
little bunny naked
greek themed romantic fiction
never judge a book by its cover cartoon
never judge a book by its cover and other morals
huge pecs
what does dont judge the book by its cover mean?
naked hunk blogspot
stop snarking
good literary fiction
what is literary fiction
dont judge a book by its cover speech
wedding greek judge
prison pulp erotica
i can't help myself 2007
triple play
fortune's fool lackey
mammary monday
the biggest pecs
nancy drew pulp book cover
creepy baby names
judge baby names
do not judge a book by its cover quote
romance novels trash
ymatador of shame
bad book covers
cover - greek
books trailsman
jesus dipped in urine
rumble fish old cover
my pecs are too big
saw book covers
how to judge a book by its cover
don't judge the book by its cover story
how much money is one book cover from cvs
judge a book by its cover blog
harlequin greece
how to cover books
male pecs biggest
giant pecs
you cant judge a book by its cover


Snow said...

"My pecs are too big" as search is priceless.

writtenwyrdd said...

"Jesus dipped in urine," though? Weird.

I've noticed the same thing, though, that some of the searches that get to my page are odd.

Anonymous said...

I found out if you search "maughta" Google wants to change it to "naughty".

...How do they know?

Devin said...

Jesus dipped in urine is PROBABLY looking for that one famous picture of, well, Jesus, in a big jar of urine. "Piss Christ" it's called, I believe. It looks kinda neat if you don't think of what it is.

Hooray, I know something.

Vampire Librarian said...

I was going to say the same thing as Devin. The artist Serrano also put Moses in milk and Sprite.

Here's his wikipedia entry. He photographs some really extreme stuff. He's a NSW image search.