Baen Does it Again!

Special Hump Day Edition.

Did you know that Wednesday is called Hump Day? I think it's because Wednesday is that last hump in the week before the slide on down to the weekend. More information about Hump Day can, I'm sure, be found on the internet. But here at Judge a Book by its Cover, we have a special use for Hump Day. It's midweek between Mammary Monday and Phallic Phriday, and as such I am tasked (well, I've tasked myself) with the...ummmm...task of finding a book that combines the best of Mammaries with a subtle hint of Phalluses. Phortunately, Baen comes through for me once again! Let's all give the artists chained in the basement of Baen a big round of applause, because I'm sure it's difficult for them to sleep at night after producing such dreck.
Let's see....
Skintight pleather? Check.
Sexy long hair? Check.
Contorted position? Check.
Triple-F tits on a Barbie Doll body? Check.
Why, it must be a Baen heroine! Yes, combining every 14 year-old boy's fantasy with a large phallic gun and really generic futuristic city-scape background must be a formula that's working well for our friends at Baen. We certainly see it often enough.
(P. S. This post is supposed to have nice pagination and spacing, I swear! Why is blogger vexing me?!)


Anonymous said...

I love the little dragon lurking under the platform!

PS - I'm glad to see the comment section is now more accessible! A couple of months ago whenever I tried to get in my computer would freeze up.

PPS - Where are the comments left by Kenneth Eng? I couldn't find anything associated with him. There was the bizarre long one, but that doesn't appear to be it.

VembaTsith said...

if it's midway between Mammary Monday and Phallic Phriday, wouldn't that make it Belly-Button Baen day?

and how come our heroine's futuristic weapon looks like an M-16 with an oil can on the barrel?

DocTurtle said...

Hey, it's Bret Michaels with boobs!

Anonymous said...

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Snow said...

Why is she wearing her bra cups on her shoulders?

Murphy Jacobs said...

the covers, they are painful. But I know John Ringo (swear, I actually do) and those tits? I just know he REQUESTED those. He likes the tits.

Matthew said...

Those sunglasses scream 1974.

Anonymous said...

She looks so disturbingly 80's...and a bit like a trannie( no offense to any real trannies out there) Love, Sexy Sadie

Anonymous said...

"...combines the best of Mammaries with a subtle hint of Phalluses."

"Julie Cochrane." Nuf said.