Guest Blogger Snow

Faithful reader Snow sent the following e-mail to me and it needs no embellishment.


Hi Maughta!

Visiting bookstores is so much more fun now. Whenever I see a snarkworthy cover, I whip out my cellphone and snap a picture. (It does sort of freak out the clerks, though.)

Since I feel like we're going though combined Baen and John Ringo withdrawal, here's a double hit.

What have we here? Boobs, pointed ears, big hair, mismatched shinguards, sword, bow, things dangling from "the great unknown", dragons, and what? spaceships! Of course. It all makes sense now. A cover entirely filled with teenage boy wank fodder.

Not to let teenage boys have all of the fun, here's wank fodder for the mature-ish woman.

It's not just smut, it's expensive, big fancy paperback smut. Why pay $4.95 for your cheap-looking one-handed read, when you can get a pretty copy for $13.95? Just look at those boobs, I mean pecs! They're nearly life-sized.

Come on, Maughta, put this one in your reading queue. I can't wait to see what Maughtamom would have to say.

- Snow


Thanks, Snow! Readers, keep those suggestions coming.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, those covers are horrid!

radiantfitness said...

This blog makes me happy. Thank you, Maughta and friends.

Anonymous said...

Snow, I'm not sure we've met, but I take offense at being considered matureish. Although, I do like looking at pecs. Thanks for your contribution to this blog,you make me laugh as much as Maughta does.(And we're not even related.) Maugtamom

Snow said...

Good news! John Ringo is going to be a guest at AggieCon! Whee!! http://aggiecon.tamu.edu/?q=node/18

Ros said...

Am I the only one who sees John Ringo and wonders what happened to Paul and George?

Anonymous said...

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