James Patterson, My Hero

So y'all remember a little while ago a colleague of mine made a list of the last lines of each chapter of James Patterson's newest phone-in, You've Been Warned?

And it was so funny that I posted it here? And remember how A Perfect World (making the world a better place one cartoon at a time) decided to draw a one panel cartoon for every line? Well, folks, she's up to chapter 42 now and there seems to be no stopping! I highly recommend you check it out. The Patterson strips start at #16 in the '08 archives. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


Snow said...

I love the third comic.

andys said...

This is so much better than the book could ever be.

Anonymous said...

This is unbelievably funny to me. My mother-in-law got a bunch of books at a yard sale & gave a few to me- one was You've Been Warned. It was so bad that I briefly considered reading it again just for the laughs- I still toy with the idea when I'm bored. Just thinking of it makes me smile!