Chicken Shit

So I'm constantly jotting down notes to myself of titles and authors of books whose covers make me laugh. Sometimes I revisit these little scraps of paper eons later and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Today I found a scrap of paper that said:

Jeff Long

The Descent


Yup. Pregnant chicken devil.


Uncle Vinny said...

HA!! That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

That really is awesome.

I'm also very impressed that you actually look at those notes ever again... I usually don't. :)

Unknown said...

WOW! Who is it stalking I wonder ... perched on whatever it is that it is perched on? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...


Snow said...

Colonel Sanders and his army of hellspawn, coming soon to a cheap paperback near you.

Anonymous said...

"How Orcs Are Born"

Anonymous said...

"Indiana Devil and the Cracked Corn of Doom"

Anonymous said...


But I agree, pregnant devil chicken. :D LOL

ginny said...

Thank you for this Web site. I have laughed so hard reading through this stuff and the other links it's led me to. When I reached "pregnant chicken devil" I had to say hello. You're great!

Amelia said...

That figure look just like the one on Maximum Ride, School's Out Forever.
Seriously, look it up.

Anonymous said...

That one just had me laugh till I cried. Literally. Plus, my belly hurts. I hope that, too, comes from laughing, and not from being pregnant with a chicken devil or anything like it.

Awesome blog. I'm not quite done reading it, but I love it.