Happy Fourth of July!

Well, if you're American, at least.

To help us celebrate in style, here's a special cover I've been saving for you: Why yes, it is a very large modern warship. And a knight. On horseback. Standing amidst huge piles of horseshit. Out in the ocean ('cause surely if the depth of the water is deep enough for the ship then that's got to be Jesus reincarnated as a horse standing on water). But what really fascinates me is the American flag font for the title. Nothing like patriotism. And knights. On horseback. Brings a tear to the eye. As the blurb says, it's "American Freedom and Justice vs. The Tyrannies of the Seventeenth Century." Wonder who wins?

I guess no-one, 'cause they had to come back:

I like how they've changed the positions of the authors's names so that you don't think it's a book called "Eric Flint" by David Weber. Or vice versa. I could see "Eric Flint" being the name of a James Bondesque character in an "adult" fiction series. One who gets all the girls, if you know what I mean. Nudge nudge wink wink.

There's a new Roddy Doyle book cover that bugs me, too, 'cause you can't tell which is the name of the author and which is the title of the book. If you didn't know who Roddy Doyle was, surely you would think it was t'other way round!


Also, thanks to faithful reader Larry, who sent me this link, I will never be the same. I am aghast, appalled, and yet strangely fascinated.


Anonymous said...

1633, and all the covers at the link from Larry, are all horrifyingly unprofessional looking. Are these books self-published?

Bybee said...

Cool is the rule, but sometimes, bad IS Bad.

Larry Lennhoff said...

1633 and 1634 are both published by Baen books, one of the top SF publishing houses in the US. I'd certainly consider it professional.

Kiwi said...

so...is the link from Larry safe for work? :D

Unknown said...

Came across your blog from http://joshreads.com/, and love it so far.

Eric Flint's 1632 series is actually a very good scifi/history series, but the 1633 cover is horrendous and has absolutely no tie to the story. He brings it up a few times in his comments about how he cringes every time he sees it. Apparently it was forced on him by the publisher despite his continual protests, a common problem for scifi writers.

Dave said...

It is sad about the 163# covers, because the books are far, far better tnah the covers let on. I'd put them in the same ballpark as 1960's 1970's Larry Niven work, or early Zelazny. And that's saying something.

ANd yes, I know this blog is just about the covers, not the content, but I'd put both of those in the good book, bad cover category.

emu said...

I'm a page at my local library, anI actually am shelving Roddy Doyle's books under the last name of the title all the time. I do it to Paula Spencer and I do it to Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (which I am forever mistaking for being a book called Ha Ha Ha by someone called Paddy Clarke).

Anonymous said...

The flag on the ironclad is an Ottoman flag used after 1800s.


OK, i know the date of the flag is not important since this is a fictional universe, but afaik the book makes no reference to the Ottoman Empire, oddly enough, the flag is tied from the wrong end :)

Just check it: