Hands Across the Renaissance

So I love StatCounter. If you have a webpage and want to find out how many people go to your blog, and where they're from, and other bits of trivia, I highly recommend it. All this to tell you that I like to see where people have linked to me, and thanks to that circuitous trek through the blog universe, I've discovered what is, perhaps, the worst artwork on a romance novel ever. Thanks to people unknown (to me, at least, I'm sure they know themselves*), I give you Castles in the Air. All I have to say to you is: count the hands.

DocTurtle suggests that perhaps she is supposed to have a few too many appendages, but I pointed out that this is not a Baen cover, and he conceded to my superior intellect. Plus I bit him, which always wins me the argument.


*Which begs the question: Can one ever really know oneself? I don't know. I hated Philosophy 101.


Nyles said...

Isn't a castle in the air a bad thing? An imaginary structure? And it's by the author of Candle in the Window. That candle will blow out if you put it there. I sense a theme. Given the cover art, maybe the next book will be called Phantom Limb.

DocTurtle said...

Everybody, with me now!: Haaaaands...acrooss Americaaaaaa! Haaaaaands...across this land I looooove!


I guess the "carpally gifted" need to find their fantasies fulfilled in print, too. Rule 34, anyone?

The comedic possibilities are limitless; just to get the ball rolling, here are three words: "world's," "best," and "handjobs."

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, that's a little creepy.

Snow said...

At least we know why she's so popular with the boys.

Anonymous said...

When I got here, I glanced at that picture, and thought, "Nah, I've seen worse."

Then I looked again and thought "WHAT THE FUCK JESUS WHAT THE FUCK"

It's not just that there's too many hands, it's that there's too few arms. Where is that third hand even coming from, her shoulder?

Anonymous said...

eeewww! That's all I gotta say.

And I came here thanks to Comics Curmudgeon, I think. I don't know. Maybe it was Pop Culture Junk Mail. Either way, you run an entertaining blog here.

Kaitlyn said...

Maybe because they live in the air...

I didn't get it, then I looked again.


And hey, you're link is busted - it sends you to http://www.blogger.com/www.statcounter.com

Yeah, I can easily type in statcounter.com, but I thought you should know.

Miss Maggie said...

Thanks for the udate in the link, Kaitlyn. It's now fixed.

Anonymous said...

Looking again, the guy is totally thinking "Oh yeah, makin' out with a hot princess lookin' chick by a shining wait WHAT THE FUCK WHERE THE HOLY SHIT DID THAT COME FROM JESUS CHRIST I AM MAKING OUT WITH AN OPTICAL ILLUSION"

Anonymous said...

She also seems to be hiding a third leg under her dress.

Anonymous said...

Check out Christina Dodd's website:

She's very proud of the third arm (now that it was pointed out to her).

Anonymous said...

Oh my god.
You actually used "begs the question" in the original sense.
I am impressed.