Giant Creepy Baby Edition

This is a super popular book here in the library. And it creeps me the feck out:

Everything about this cover worries me (the "recovery classics" and Dr. Nuckols especially...well, Nuckols doesn't worry me so much as make me laugh like a 10 year-old boy), but I just can't get beyond that picture. Um, ewwwww. I know this post would be better if I could snark on it, but I'm just so freaked out!

Speaking of freaked out:

The picture isn't the best, so I'll describe this cover to you. Naked woman. See-through stomach. GIANT CREEPY FETUS! Now we know where some of the ideas for 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien came from. That baby is all out of proportion, too. Can you imagine passing a thing the size of that head through a hole the size of a grapefruit? Not pretty. I do, however, recommend that you go to the library right now and check out a copy of this book, if only for the pictures inside. It'll make you rethink ever touching a member of the opposite sex (member--heh heh--the 10 year-old boy is at it again!).

Call me an anti-life, childless-by-choice, militant feminazi, but I prefer the cute to the creepy.

Ahhh, there's a baby-in-body that I can deal with.


Anonymous said...

The creepy fetus in the second book appears to be thumbing its nose at the lot of us.

Also, I like that the book is the "Completely New Edition." "That last version, that we called the 'New Edition'? Yeah, it just had a different cover and a new foreward. But this one is completely new, we swear!"


DocTurtle said...

That first cover looks like a Nawlins Mardi Gras tradition gone awry, like a "king ice sculpture," or something like that.

Rainbird said...

My gosh, I own this book. I got it when I was pregnant, and I never noticed that that was supposed to be a woman surrounding the thumb sucking baby.

Anonymous said...

A Child Is Born cover?

I spent ten minutes trying to figure out just what a Halloween pumpkin was doing on the cover until I figured out it was supposed to be a baby.

Babies, in general, are creepy creatures.

Anonymous said...

I-I... oh, dear. That second cover is so grotesque I can't help but keep sneaking looks at it in horror.
My sincere sympathies to any pregnant woman who looked at the cover and went "I look like that?" (and the husband that then had to convince her that no, no one looks like that.)

Anonymous said...

OMG the memories. The second book was in my mother's collection - I remember seeing it when I was younger. I think it may have traumatised me for life.

Snow said...

Do all fetuses look stoned, or just the ones on these covers?

Wendebular said...

Lift the flap. Hahahaha.