Why is my belly so fat??

Who are you? Why is this stairwell here? What's going on with my hips and stomach??
Please tell me this book was named by committee. A marketing committee. Made up of monkeys. On Thorazine.
Have you been sitting at home wondering how you can help Maughta? I knew you were! Visit my etsy store, make a simple out-of-work librarian happy. Besides, who doesn't need boxes??
Also, thanks for the donations, folks. They make me cry with happiness. :)
UPDATE: Totally forgot to thank Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, from where I stole this. Check out their review!


Jean said...
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Jean said...

I had to visit amazon to make sure that was a real book. It totally is. Amazing.

Torsten Adair said...

"Former navy SEAL Lucas Washington was an expert at tackling impossible missions. But when a striking—and very pregnant—woman turned up in a car he was repossessing, suddenly he was in over his head. Shaken and bruised, she couldn't remember what had happened to her or why she was terrified of going to the police. Lucas made it clear he could be trusted, and vowed to protect her until she was safe. Hours turned to days as they searched for clues to her hidden past. Then a family came to claim her, and a happy ending seemed imminent. But had he just delivered his Jane Doe to safety…or into the hands of a killer?"
dun Dun DUNNNNN!

Also from the jacket: "The Recovery Men: They get what they're after...any way they can!"

At first I thought that was a Spanish-language romance. Then I got the title.

"Repo man", meet "repro woman".

Nice to see Keanu Reeves can fall back on his career as an artist's model...

BN.com has a bigger cover, and the first chapter.

Alissa Grosso said...

I think I need to add the word pregnesia to my regular vocabulary. Sadly spellcheck insists it's not a real word.

Jamie said...

Alissa, that's what the "Add" option on Spellcheck is for.

Maughta, I only discovered this blog about a week ago, and I've read it from cover to cover, as it were. So the least I could do is send you some money. Take care.

Frank said...

"Pregnesia"? PREGNESIA?!?!111ELEVENTY! Someone alert the Smart Bitches, because this book is begging for a takedown!

Anonymous said...

That's what the kid's gonna drink --
Milk of Pregnesia!!!

-- Feral Boy

JamiSings said...

You know, I just couldn't get the title until I read the review. Now I understand - she's pregnant and has amnesia.

I feel like such a dumb blond. Allbeit a dumb blond with brown roots.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, THANK YOU! For the best laugh I've had all day. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that these books are real, but, of course, they are!