Saturday Snatch

We here at Judge a Book love to inspire. Whether you're a book artist trying to sneak science ficiton themes into your historical romance covers or just bibliophiles with dirty minds, we hope that after viewing our blog you look at covers with a new appreciation. A snarky appreciation, of course! That's why we were so happy to see that Rebecca at DirtySexyBooks.com was so taken with Phallic Phriday that she decided to start a Saturday Snatch day. Here's her first book.

Check it out!


FrankN.Stein said...


Rebecca @ DSB said...

oh no Maughta, you're the cover queen. I bow before your wonderful blog. BUT, if I see another contender for "Saturday Snatch," I'll be sure to send it to you pronto!

This one was just too shocking to pass up. I'm not sure I'll find another one with such blatant meaning, and the title! OH my.

xenobiologista said...

Nice job starting a new meme =)

CAPTCHA: prion. (I wouldn't normally do this, but it's the first time I've gotten an actual word, and one of my former coworkers used to do research on Chronic Wasting Disease.)

Sexy Sadie said...

No thanks, I'm not hungry.