Lost in Translation?

There once was a Kat from down under
Who saw in a bookstore, a wonder!
She went to Belgium for the beer, so we're told
And ended up with pictures of plunder!*

What happens when a kitty Kat travels to Belgium? She sends us a picture of books!

See Spot lick Dikkie Dik. Lick, Spot, Lick.

See Dikkie Dik dribbel. Dribbel, Dikkie Dik, dribbel.

See Spot flush a used kleenex.



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*Yeah...I think I'll leave the poetry to DocTurtle!


Anonymous said...

Yuck, that makes me want to OPTOCHT!!!

-- Feral Boy

Torsten Adair said...

What is the hippo doing to Spot?

Kawaika said...

The translation of the title of the book in the middle is (roughly)

Dribble: with Grandpa and Grandma at the parade.

By the way, dik = fat.

Guess how the word cat is pronounced in Dutch? Pussy. Yep. Endless fun.

Anonymous said...

The radio show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on N.P.R. had a bit about two cities in Germany who had different view about "there's no such thing as bad publicity."

One was referred to by its name, "Something two people do when they really love each other," and the other was "Pleasuring yourself."

Solution will be left to the reader.

-- Feral Boy

Dave Fragments said...

For those wondering about the German Language... Fuchs is German for FOX. Which is not meant as ironic political commentary.

I worked with a man who's surname was Fuchs. We never teased him.

There is a town in Germany named Fuchs and the people there are puzzled by the giggling and smirking Americans.

OK. Get all the giggles out of your system. I did when I learned German.

Kawaika said...

The city is called...