Cover to MY sorrow!

Ode to Baen
Your covers delight me,
I always look twice.
A flautist and metal band,
isn't that nice?
It isn't the fire,
or the flaming red hair,
It's just that it seems
your artists' minds are not there!
But in case you're worried
that it's all a big waste,
De gustibus non est disputandum:
There's no accounting for taste!


BikerPuppy said...

Awesome talent, Maughta! BTW, maybe the flute is part of the band. Tull could rock it out that way.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought the flautist was standing in a very awkward way. Rocking out, Ian Anderson-style, as Biker Puppy suggests? Then the expanded version of the cover showed that he was sitting on a big muffin-shaped rock. Still, his body's twisted every which way, isn't it? That's some... not very good art.

Jenn said...

I just have one thing to say about Sir Flaming Hair: "Thundercats, ho!"

Randi said...


ROFLMAO! Totally Lion-o.

Alissa Grosso said...

Despite those crazy musicians I think the best (worst?) part of the cover is the title in that multi-colored cheesy Microsoft Publisher styled wavy "WordArt". It bears a strong resemblance to the overly busy flyers my community association is fond of churning out.

xenobiologista said...

Mercedes Lackey's fallen off the edge of "cheesy" with this one.

Anonymous said...

Another talent I didn't know you had, you are amazing. Maugtamom

Lily said...

Good book. Disturbing cover.

Unwinona said...

I actually own this book and it isn't bad...but I have to say that I DID tear the cover off, because I was too embarassed to be seen reading it in public WITH the bad Baen art.

jseger9000 said...

Look at the flautist's pelvis (c'mon, you know you want to) and then look at his head. Is it just me or has he managed to turn his head all the way around?

NightenGail said...

I am a Mercedes Lackey fan and have ALWAYS hated these covers...If the crappy cover art and cheesy title treatment wasn't bad enough, I'm pretty sure this had the classic Baen metallic shimmer...picture that cover with shiny metallic flash. Sexy. or not.

Sexy Sadie said...

Carrot Top does not like it when Han Solo plays his flute.