Phriday again!

Happy Phallic Phriday everone!

My first, second, and third reaction to this cover is WTF??? It's just wrong on so many levels. First, it's called "Touch Your Toes" and he's not even trying to do that. Second, it gives a date range, like he's someone we should know and care about, and as if this date range should have some significance to us. Third, I can't tell if that's a modesty dot or if he's straddling a doorknob. Seriously, I can't tell.

I did some research and I guess Baer is a photographer obsessed with having naked men reach for their toes. This is volume 1. There's a sequel. By the way, neither the cover nor the reverse shows a man touching his toes, even though that's what Baer was striving for. Oh, and to answer my own question above, it IS a modesty dot. If you use the "random page" feature of Amazon, just be aware that it's Not Safe For Work (well, depending on where you work, of course!).

Maybe I'm not artsy enough, but I find this kind of repulsive. Don't get me wrong, I love the male body, but this is just creepy. Thoughts?


Miss Maggie said...

My favorite story from a friend of a friend (so you know it's real) who worked in an emergency room:

Some EMTs come into the emergency room and prepare the triage there for what's coming...it's a guy sitting on a door that's been removed from its hinges. Apparently this story involves an adventurous man, a doorknob, and a bunch of lube.

Anyway, that's what this cover reminds me of.

Anonymous said...

Above and over the nakedness, I feel like the guy is looking lecherously at me, like he expects me to find this hot.

Unfortunately for him, it's not.

writtenwyrdd said...

My friends in San Francisco were all nursess, so I heard a number of emergency room stories in that town.

The thing that gets me about this book (yes, I had to look) is that apparently it's just posing guys so their stuff dangles. Same pose, add a hat or boots and that's it. Whahuh?

JamiSings said...

I've honestly seen worse. Back at a teenager in a store in Hollywood I found a book all about a man who had a fetish for nailing his penis to things. I can't remember who he was or the name of the book, but some of the pictures his girlfriend took of him doing this are forever burned into my memory, like it or not.

xenobiologista said...

Based on the images in the Amazon preview, it looks like none of Baer's models were gymnasts or yogis.

Also, Baer says something about wanting to copy Mapplethorpe...so basically this is what a teenage girl writing Harry Potter fanfic is to JK Rowling.

Alissa Grosso said...

I've never been able to touch my toes either. Perhaps that was why at first glance I thought this was a book devoted to stretching exercises, which doesn't justify the creepy picture on the cover, but alas it's just art which I guess is supposed to justify the creepy picture on the cover.

RR Kovar said...

After I got over the creepy look on the guy's face, I realized what bothers me most about this picture is the composition is complete crap. It's just not very well staged, and as it most certainly was not an attempt to capture the nude mail in a "natural" moment, one would think that a little more thought would have gone into the presentation.

Kawaika said...

"t most certainly was not an attempt to capture the nude mail in a "natural" moment"

Heh, well do you really want that?

chicken lips said...

sheesh. It's a book filled with photos of men NOT touching toes,or anyone else's toes? I don't get it. I'm going to make a book called "Bananas" and it's going to have photos and recipes of pears....in banana suits.