Maybe this kid is really ugly. Maybe he was born without a nose or mouth. Maybe his skin is inside out on all parts of his body other than his arms and upper face. Maybe he fell down just as this picture was being taken. Maybe the photographer fell just as this picture was being taken. Maybe... ok, I've run out of possible reasons for showing nothing but the kid's upper head and arms.

Maybe Daniel isn't talking because you didn't think his mouth was important to the cover of the book.


Jeanne said...

Hi. I've enjoyed seeing the random odd covers here, but I've yet to comment. This one has moved me to, though, because I don't feel it's odd in any way.

I was a graphic artist in a previous life, and I totally understand why they did this. It was to illustrate the concept that Daniel isn't talking. In a metaphorical way, he has no mouth because he's not speaking.

But I'd bet the kid's eyes speak volumes. You wouldn't want to see eyes and nostrils, would you? So they left off the nose as well.

It's all about focusing on the eyes and gestures, since that is probably how he communicates. Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Jeanne, and say that this is a good cover that matches the title of the book (with an intriguing layout that makes me want to look inside).