1st Rule of Phalluses

"Walk softly, and carry a BIG .... sword! In the proper position, of course."

Thanks to Patrick H. for our Phallic Phriday pick of the day! You can always trust wizards to have a knob on the end of their stick.

Side note: Anyone willing to send me a copy of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine? I hear there's a link to the blog and I'd love to see it! I can't get this magazine come hell or high water here in the wilds of the North Carolina mountains.


Zoe Winters said...

Will they not let you order a copy online?

And congrats on your blog getting mentioned!

Miss Maggie said...

I tried to order a copy. They only have annual subscriptions. And I checked all the magazine sellers in town! Woe!

Rex Parker said...

I went to the store and bought a copy of EQMM as soon as I heard we were mentioned. I can copy the article for you if you want.

In other news, that dude totally pierced the dragon's throat with his phallus. How's he gonna get around town now?


Miss Maggie said...


Can you scan a copy and e-mail it to me? That'd be awesome!!