Seeing double?

Evil conjoined Siamese twins from HELL!! Freaky. Sometimes these covers are so weird and odd that they simply render me speechless. All I know is if I move, at least one of her eyes follows me. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Sorry the picture is so pixelated. For those who dare, here's a link to a non-pixelated picture which Amazon won't let me steal from them. Bastards. I warn you, it's not for the faint of heart. Check out some of Caroline Cooney's other covers. They're for the most part equally horrifying.

UPDATE: Here's a screen shot of the demonic Mary Lee and Madrigal. Thanks to Devil in the Drain for suggesting it.

So for some reason Young Adult novels are totally creepier and more worrisome than most adult novels. I don't know why kids are so into the macabre. Anyone remember V. C. Andrews? Incest and people locked up and all sorts of twisted shit? Kids eat that up! Or, at least, I did. Guess that explains a thing or two, eh?

So there's an actual three-eyed theme that I've found in Young Adult novels.

Okay, so it's just two, which does not a theme make, but they're strangely closely shelved (Cooney and Cormier). It's a conspiracy, I swear. It's a Masonic plot, I just know it. I'm sure more information can be found on the internet.




Sandy said...

I guess I'm brave, because I went to Amazon and started "flipping" through the "book." The Twins are named Mary Lee... and Madrigal? One of them got shafted, and I don't know which it is! I do know that only one of them could be on America's Next Top Model with names like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I had to go to the Amazon site as well, because I wanted to learn more about the book - I'd not heard of that particular novel of Cooney's, though I'd read several of her books as a preteen.

I had forgotten how bizarre and unbelievable the stories are. Wow. I mean, Mary Lee and Madrigal? And they're seventeen and Mary Lee insists that they are "one" and it's a "biological fact" that they can't be apart? Again: wow.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lee and Madrigal are clearly both Jennifer Garner. This is another one of her elaborate disguises from Alias -- no one will suspect she's a secret agent if they think she's twins!

Nik said...

Brrr, why does that two-faced woman look so much like Demi Moore? That's even freakier. Demi Moore twins.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog through the link on Comics Curmudgeon and I want to say that I think it's great. Having read "Twins" as a young twinless teenager, I just want to confirm to all that yes, this book is as hosed up as the cover would have you think. My memory's a bit fuzzy but from what I remember, the twins decide to switch places for a day but then one of them ends up dying in a skiing accident. However, since they switched places with each other, everyone thinks the living twin is her sister and she decides to go along with it for some reason. Except then it turns out that gasp, her sister was a crazy troubled person with deep, dark secrets. I don't remember for sure but I think it's Madrigal that dies, which is just as well with that name.


DocTurtle said...

Am I the only one who, when hearing the word "madrigral," thinks first of the Simpsons episode wherein Homer attempts to rekindle the light of his marriage by buying season tickets to the Springfield Symphony, cooing, "Oh, look, Marge! Mostly Madrigals!"

Sandy said...

Now that Anonymous recapped for us, I TOTALLY REMEMBER HAVING READ IT! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

If I could find a way to email you, I'd send you a large version of that Twins cover.

Anonymous said...

Same here! I've got a lovely screen capture of that awfull Twins cover, if there were some place to send it.

Also, remember that all the fancy Amazon software in the world can't keep you from taking a snapshot of your screen while the image is on it. On a Mac, Command-Shift-3, then edit the file it left on your desktop. Under Windows, see here.

(First came here via Comics Curmudgeon, btw.)

Suzie said...

Oh, wow. I owned "Twins", too, when I was a kid (not yet a teenager). It was every bit as abysmal as you would expect and, of course, I loved every damned awful word.

Anonymous said...

Two things--first off, like a few other posters, I've actually read that Caroline Cooney book. Crappy books are my secret vice. I find them unbelievably, hilariously entertaining. (The only thing that would make them better is if the guys from MST3K were there to snark for me.) I have also read several VC Andrews books. I KNOW, it's so embarrassing.

Katja R. said...

That cover is EVIL! I mean eeeeew! I've seen prettier pictures of birth defects. Two headed calves and such.

Kaitlyn said...

I actually like some of Cooney's work.

We had to read Driver's Ed in 8th grade, and we ended it with a trial for the kids who stole the stop sign that led to the mother and her kid's death.

But the first one was Flight #116 Is Down and I still love it.

I also tried to read the Milk Carton series, but there were so many!

And I read one about a terrorist in London and an older one about a recent high school graduate who doesn't go to college of any type - it was very interesting, and written when I was a baby or not even born, so it's no longer regular YA fiction, it is fantasy.

I don't know why I still like them! Maybe it's my age? I am 18.

Dammit, I'm going to the library today and now I have to check out the book about the girl who doesn't go to college!

I've never seen Twins, though.

And another one I like (and have - I only have Driver's Ed, Flight #116, and this one) is Wanted!, about a 15/16 year old girl who thinks the police think she killed her father.

It's a fast read, and I like it.

It passes the test!

I've only read one book by Cormier, though, equally good, equally fast. Slave Day is a good book, and it had an interesting cover. (The paperback copy I had anyways.)

It's a picture of a white teenage girl. There's a price tag on her eye (only one eye is showing, she's not facing out), and I didn't get the significance until the day I turned it in. I thought it was a real price tag. What tipped me off was the price. :P And the use of the school's name.

I fear I shall never mature.

Sorry for posting 2 months after the fact...

And yes, those covers a WEIRD.

I also have Flowers in the Attic. I tried to read one of the sequels, but couldn't.

Anonymous said...

The second one looks like Arnold Rimmer from Red Dwarf. Love, Sexy Sadie