Did you know that there's a whole industry of chicklit novels for Christians? Yes indeedy!

Ahhhh, Sisterchicks. Likc Chicken Soup for the Soul, these books have spawned a whole line of Sisterchick merchandise, Sisterchick conferences, even Sisterchick cruises. Too bad they couldn't find a Sisterchick book artist who had half an idea what he or she was doing! Seriously, freaky people in black and white with boy/girl colored shower caps? Looks like Sisterchick lesbian erotica to me.

This one is my favorite of the Sisterchick novel covers, mostly because the brunette looks like she just got out of the shower. Weirdly-sepia-toned chicks do Venice, yay!

But, never fear. Your fearless narrator has gone where no self-respecting atheist Jew has gone before, she has actually read a Christian chicklit novel. And let me tell you, it was crap. Take everything that's good about chicklit--the fashion sense, the sheer hedonism, the good sex--and replace it with puppy-love for Jesus and the desperate search for a Christian boy with whom to date, mate, and procreate. Not only is it annoying, it's jarring to see these genres combined.

I do have to say, however, that I love the chicken logo, shown above wielding a sombrero. Chick-on, Sisterchicks!

http://www.sisterchicks.com/ (Which has a truly funny gallery of funny-looking people who read these books--Sorry, that was just mean!)


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the second cover looks pretty lesb-tastic too. Venice is the most romantic city in the world, ladies; there's no such thing as a "platonic" gondola ride. And you're never going to find a nice born-again boy in a country full of Papists anyway.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I adore the italicized "In Gondolas" of the second book. Somehow, it adds an air of desperation: "No, we haven't run out of ideas for these Sisterchicks! They're in gondolas, by gum!"

Alarmingly, I was recently invited to join this website (not Christian, so far as I could tell) called SisterWoman.com. The title alone freaks me out, but I also can't figure out who out of the people I associate with knows me so poorly that they think I'd actually be willing to involve myself with such a cult.

DocTurtle said...

Next up: Sisterchicks in Rickshaws! Don't miss a single installment of the thrilling exotic transportation series!

Kiwi said...

This sounds like the kind of novels they would read in my hometown of redneckville.

Sisterchicks IN HELL! Now that's a classic in the making. And very satisfying.

Snow said...

I'm waiting for Sisterchicks in Prison, or Sisterchicks in Lockdown.