My One and Only

Listen, not even in Dick Tracy's twisted imagination (and we all know this fight with Queenie is just some sort of sick masturbatory fantasy) does there exist a gem that large.

And what kind of cat burglar wears a white shirt? Seriously.

I have to admit, though, I do like the Arabesque detailing on the arch behind him. It gives the whole thing a nice bordello feel.

My One and Only


Snow said...

Arabesque bordello? Let me tell you, I've been in lots of Arabesque bordellos and never, not in one, have I been offered a giant candy gummy gem.

Kaitlyn said...

Snow, are you referring to the jewel or the man?

A cat burglar would so wear white, but only after Labor Day, if he was burgling (awesome word!) Antarctic labs, research centers, and wherever the hell my dad stayed (he was in the Navy).

The North pole would get him make him fashionable - midnight sun up there is after Memorial Day.