A Bride for Lord Challmond

The last post was a little short, so here's another quickie.

I don't think Lord Challmond is going to need a bride, seeing as he's got no penis. I think this title will be going to a distant nephew. But who'd wanna pass on these genes, anyway? If Quentin Tarrantino and Jay Leno had a child, this is what he'd look like.

She looks rather happy, though. Probably thinking, "Whew, I'll never have to do my wifely duty, seeing as my husband lacks the proper equipment."

A Bride for Lord Challmond


Unknown said...

She looks JUST like Glory on Buffy. I was wondering where that actress got to...


Anonymous said...

Your theory is made more likely by the cover blurb, which calls him "a most unlikely groom" -- as in "it's most unlikely that you'll ever consumate your marriage to him."

What is that thing that Lord Challmond and his hapy Lady-to-be are so rapturously fondling? Is it some kind of gazing ball? Is this what people did for fun before television?

Snow said...

He doesn't have a neck, either.

RadamR said...

As a veteran of a large indy bookstore, I too know the pain of being surrounded by these things. If you ever run low on fodder, anything Harry Turtledove ever wrote is generally covered with some amazing monstrosity. THIS ONE is my personal fave. Einstein in a jet-fighter??? WTF!!!

Great stuff! Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this blog. I am sending a link to all my friends.

Librarians are so cool.

Steve T. said...

A.R.P.: I read that series. Turtledove can be a good alternate history author if you keep him on a short leash. Here he took an idea with one good novel in it and stretched it out over four.

I regret to say that Einstein doesn't even appear, much less climb into a jet fighter.

Kaitlyn said...

How can a groom be "unlikely"?

He's a guy, he's rich.

That can cover Ken genitals, homosexuality, or complete assholery.

Kaitlyn said...

The last "unlikely" thing has nothing to do with the second one! Or the first, for that matter!