Baby Chains

Forget the old ball and chain, it's kids that really keep you tied down.

Even if you live in a technicolor world...and are apparently married...and getting it on with a pregnant "other woman"...am I the only one who thinks that being a "mistress" may not be the most romantic title on earth?? Or is this all about the old S & M...nah, not enough black leather on the cover.

Thanks to Erin and whomever invented ellipses...I really like them.


Turi Becker said...

I totally overuse ellipses too...

Anonymous said...

ho writes theese things??!!!

Pai said...

Harlequin's book lines have some of the most IDIOTIC and repetitive titles I have ever seen.

JamiSings said...

Pai - Not to mention plots and cookie cutter characters.

I love romance novels and I'm sure someone will smack me, but Harlequinn to me gives the genre a bad name.

I'm sick and tired of things like "The Shiek's Virgin Mistress" or "The Greek Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress" -

That's why I keep saying someone at Harlequinn needs to break the mold with "The Jewish Musician's Sexually Repressed Bride"!

Well, at least it'll be a start. LOL Something other then a shiek or a tycoon or a Navel Seal.

I don't get the mistress thing anyway. To me mistress means either 1: A woman sleeping with a married man 2: The lady of a manor house 3: A domenatrix. None of which I think of in terms of romance.

While I'm sure there are some fine writers who are working for Harlequinn, the books they put out are very cookie cutter.

Nicole "Gidget" Kalstein said...

Oh, Harlequin. Bad covers, worse titles.

I know pregnant women are supposed to be all glowy and stuff, but I do not find pregnant belly sexy. At all. Also, having sex with a married man while pregnant is kind of weird.

Just sayin'.

Is Harlequin's target demographic fetishists? I'm beginning to think so.

Random White Guy said...

He's probably not married that would ruin the happy ending that Harlequin always ends with. The word mistress just sounds more intriquing than "His Knocked Up Girlfriend That He Thinks Is Trying To Trap Him Into Marriage and It's Never His Fault He Didn't Use Protection In The First Place."

chris.radant@gmail.com said...

Uh-oh. I see the end of passion due to arrive in 10 months!

Anonymous said...

Looks a bit like the Campbell's Soup label!

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