Sultry Sunday #12 - The weekly "Pop Sensation" crossover

Celebrity edition! Sort of!


Paperback 170: Award Books A248X (PBO, 1967)

  • Title: A Korean Tiger
  • Author: Nick Carter (who is also the main character...? and who is also, btw, a Backstreet Boy)
  • Cover artist: Some McGinnis imitator

Best things about this cover:

  • Bring me the floating head of Nick Carter! Oh, nevermind. It's right there.
  • The disembodied head of Nick Carter thinks you're a swell-looking doll. {wink!}
  • If the book is trying to suggest to me that that lady is "Korean," I challenge. She looks like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, only with somewhat smaller boobs and no shirt.
  • I like how she is taking a sidelong glance at the title, as if thinking "WTF?"
  • How is it possible that no rapper has picked up the name "Killmaster?" That would be my handle for sure. That, or "Optimum Slim" (a name I derived from the cereal I eat every morning)
  • Fake Korean Post-op Elvira Impersonator needs a refill, dammit!

Best things about this back cover.

  • Text! Who doesn't like ... that?
  • Oh my god, I am in love with this book - any book that features the word "slatternly" is hottt with three t's.
  • I hope the "dark underbelly of Asia" is just some really hairy Laotian guy.
  • Paragraph indentations are for suckas!

Page 123~

The wide green stare did not waver. Behind those basilisk eyes he thought he could detect a hint of something warmer. Desire? Plain old-fashioned lust? Was this creature really so human?

Oh please dear god don't let him be talking about the "Korean" woman. "Though she was Korean, she seemed oddly human."


P.S. this book is immaculate. As crisp and new and bright as the day it first hit the shelves. Maybe there's a tiny amount of scuffing, but it's quite negligible. Paperbacks rarely hold up this well.


Miss Maggie said...

Killmaster? KILLmaster?!? Are the bad guys named Mr. Henchman and Mr. Falls-off-a-ledge?

Emy Augustus said...

wtf. "Though she was Korean, she seemed oddly human."

did it actually say that after the previous few sentences you quoted?!
if so, WOW.

Bybee said...

She doesn't look Korean.

Rex Parker said...

No, that quotation ("Though she was Korean...") was my parody of the actual quotation.

R "killmaster" P

Anonymous said...

Does whoever wrote that back blurb know that "hatchet job" doesn't actually just mean murder? You can't do a "hatchet job" on your wife...

Dave said...

The Nick Carter books are great, a sleazier, American version of James Bond. If I remember correctly there is one book where the villain creates a dildo machine that, uh, pleasures women to death.

xenobiologista said...

The only Koreans with green eyes are the ones wearing coloured contacts.

Anonymous said...

I read a Killmaster book that I bought for a dime once. In the first five pages, he kills someone on the beach by doing a back-flip and shooting them in mid air.

To this day, I rely on Nick "Killmaster" Carter for all my hard-hitting cold war era action.

(Actually, I threw the book in a bonfire a few years ago, but same difference)

JamiSings said...

Actually I did a web search and gentically speaking it's possible for Koreans to have green eyes. If they're of mixed ancestry for one thing. Plus at least three different genes are involved in eye color.

One thing I read even suggested that the structure of the iris can be involved in the eye color.

So a Korean lady could have naturally green eyes.

BikerPuppy said...

But a basilisk is a lizard....

Anonymous said...

Her hands are amazing, though. Look at that! It's just...wow. I'm having a little artistgasm over her hands. So well-painted. Good heavens.

Derdrom said...

I'm sure the basilisk metaphor refers to the mythical creature and its extremely deadly gaze, rather than the lizard species which borrows the name. The author may be obfuscating the phrase "if looks could kill". (Depending on who's describing it, a basilisk may look like a snake--as J. K. Rowling's giant one does--but more traditionally resembles a specific hybrid of a 3-foot tall cockerel and a snake.)

Marla said...

Another bullet for the back cover: "hatchet" and "axe" both used, in non-literal manner. What are the odds?