Sultry Sunday #8 - The weekly "Pop Sensation" crossover

Greetings from "Pop Sensation." Here is your weekly dose of syndication - a little gem that I recently picked up at a public library book sale ... enjoy!


Paperback 158: Manor Books 15232 (PBO, 1977)

Title: Dionysus: The Ultimate Experiment
Author: William S. Ruben
Cover artist: Uncredited

Best things about this cover:

  • This is possibly the most boob-oriented cover I own.
"Do you like them, Steve? I electroded them especially for you?"
"Well ... oh my ... I say ... they're quite ... I'll just ... how does one ... is this ... do I ... like so? ... or ..."
  • She is so arched and ecstatic and ready to go, and he is Totally killing the vibe.
  • He seems to have made eye contact with the boobs, but his hand!? WTF!? Hey, buddy, you're not supposed to wave at them!
  • His junk, while barely visible, is not invisible enough for my, uh, taste.
  • Whatever "human emotion" this is, I don't think I care to "experience" it, thanks.

Best things about this back cover:

All this rigmarole about weightless sex is just a front. The REAL "unreportable project" is embedded in the title itself:

Ronnie James DIO will play the New York State (NYS) Fair causing a mass conflagration of rocking out that will engulf the US in madness, allowing a Black Sabbath reunion ... at the highest levels of government! No one can resist the heavy metal keyboard strains of "Rainbow in the Dark!"

Page 123~

This was the time of Eldridge and Grainly, born into a world which accepted without conscience an acknowledgment of the underground. They simply did not think of this sustained nether world.

Funny, I'd rather not think of it either.

"This was the time of Eldridge and Grainly ... Attorneys at Law!"


1 comment:

Lily said...

It looks like the guy on the cover is caught in some sort of force field like "must....touch....boob...but...something....holding...me back..."

I disagree about the junk....we're always seeing boobs we need more junk!