Crackle Paint!

Ah, yes. Crackle finish. The fallback of any kitchy craft designer. And, apparently, book designers who want to add that special "thrift store painting" quality to their books.

Hey, look. Here's the image without all the text. Thanks, James Griffin who writes the blog Paint Layers and drew the image.

Wait, where'd the weird ghostface of Nostradamus go? Damn, I feel denied!


Unknown said...

And I always feel like a philistine for surreptitiously hating everything by Alison Jay, queen of the crackle finish!

xenobiologista said...

Honestly, this isn't bad as far as book covers go, compared to most of the others you've featured. The only annoying thing is that the guy has that cheesy "staring into the distance trying to look cool" facial expression.

Miss Maggie said...


You're right, I've misplaced my edge. But I'm going to hunt for it this weekend...wish me luck!