The Big...Um...What?

Hey, folks! Me again. I'm lovin' this thing called "Winter Break." So's Maughta: she's getting free posts on "her" blog, and hasn't had to lift a finger. "More bad covers, mule!"

This evening, after a lovely dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, we stopped by our neighborhood Big K, and were inexorably drawn towards the schlock fiction aisle. There, we found two beauties.

The first, from the "Blaze" line of Harlequin Romance and featuring the tag-line "big, bad bounty hunters," is simply called The Big Heat:

No self-respecting straight woman would buy this book. It appears that Bruce here has just woken up and is off to check in for his night shift at The Ingot.

This book pales in comparison with our other find, Magic Hour:

Um. Yeah.

Looking at this book on the shelf, it's easier to mistake (a) the age of the young girl in this photo and (b) her angle of incidence with the protective side of the woman she's accompanying, than it is in looking at the snapshot uploaded here. Upon seeing this cover, Maughta's and my conversation was something like:

"Is she..."


"Are they doing what..."

"No, wait, that's..."

"I didn't see the other pigtail at first, I thought it was a ponytail, which would mean her head would be..."


Please please please tell me that we aren't cursed with the two most gutter-bound minds east of the Mississippi.


Miss Maggie said...

Brucie there (stage name: Blaze) doesn't seem to have much going on down south, if you catch my drift. Should put an armadillo in his trousers.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I stocked the second book, and it wasn't until the fourth or so time I saw it that I understood what it actually was. ^^; And even then, I thought it was a man she was with until reading this! Yes, I'm not completely crazy! Other people think that too!

Faith said...

That second book definitely looks like, well, what you seem to have thought it looked like. I mean, if I'd seen that on the shelf, I'd have definitely thought what I just thought.

Anonymous said...

Just to chime in, immediately when I saw that second cover, my mind went ... well ... there.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, somebody at Magic Hour's publisher must have done a double-take when that cover came in, and just shook it off. There's zero chance that NOBODY noticed that before it shipped. I wonder if maybe somebody ought to call the FBI about the artist, just in case...

Anonymous said...

Um, no, it isn't just you. Holy crap, that picture looks vulgar

erin said...

That's exactly what I saw too. I'm wondering if there's any way to not see that.