A Quickie for All of Our Jewish Friends

Me again. Maughta's still under the weather (but on the mend), and just after my inaugural post to y'all this past week, I came down with whatever's been ailing her. Bleh. Fortunately, I've just about recovered, too, just in time for school to start tomorrow. Good timing, Maughta. Next time, get me sick in the middle of July.
Anyhow, onto the book cover-bashing!

Faithful reader Ryan (a different Ryan from the eagle-eyed reader who pointed us towards the beautiful and dubiously-grammatical Lexicon: Dragons Triumvirate from the last post) wanted to let Maughta know about a book entitled Jewish Sci-Fi Stories For Children. While looking for a highly postable version of that book's cover (yes, Ryan, agreed, it's ugly, but hang on...), I happened upon something much more heinous. Behold:


According to the folks at Jewish.com, in this book "Danny embarks upon a journey of thousands of miles, in search of a meaningful spiritual adventure. What he finds is that his own 'coming-of-age ceremony' was what he was looking for the whole time!" Meanwhile, he gets face-painted by some extremely goyische "native" types. I've never known goings-on of this kind at any bar mitzvah I've ever seen. Mazel tov, Danny! I wonder how many of the 613 laws he's breaking on this cover alone.


Anonymous said...

You're right, it's not like any Bar Mitzvah I've ever seen. Hopefully the content shows that Jewish people are completly non predudiced. But look, the Native is left handed!

Anonymous said...

Forgive the mis-spelling. The word is prejudiced. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Oy! Who the hell thought of this one? Get better maughta!

Jo said...


Anonymous said...

I love the snakes curling up the side. I think those natives belong to Slytherin, Hymen Potter

Snow said...

On first glance, I thought that Danny was sitting in a wheelchair. His vacant look probably helped, too. If we take that premise to its illogical conclusion, GrassHat the nurse is spoon feeding Danny some gruel while Toothy is the orderly overseeing the process.

I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

Now now, you can't assume they're goyische. They could just be Ethiopian Jews.

...with unusually festive yarmulkes.