MLK is Responsible for this Post Being Late

All day yesterday I thought it was Monday and all day today I thought it was Tuesday.  In that vein, I present to you...TUSHIE TUESDAY!!!!  A day late and a dollar short, but, hello, BUTTS!  BUMS!  ARSES!  Today's cover features not just an exceptional ass, but also features a glowing turkey baster.  Just what every girl needs.  As submitter, Baron, says, BADONKADONK!

Does anyone else feel like this day is gonna turn into Urban Fantasy day??


Snow said...

Thank goodness for the belt. Otherwise there's no way her pants would stay up.

Unknown said...

I find your posts on book covers fascinating .... :) thanks for sharing!

Caitlin said...

I'd like to suggest a cover for Phallic Phriday. XD