The Melted.

You know what everyone needs? Boots that cover your calves but keep your toes free. Because you never know when you'll need your prehensile toes to help you slither up onto a deck, while somehow lit from the front (but back lit by a fire burns behind you), and something that looks like a fish or a flower or a, I don't know, open book or something attacks the ship behind you.

Also, darlin', I think you got a little too close to the fire. I'm afraid your face has melted.


Pangolin said...

Welcome back to blogging, Maughta!

Girl done had her pants melted off too, methinks.

Rex Parker said...

This book should be called "The Taint: When It Burns."


Snow said...

"Book Three of the Holes of Glory"

Unknown said...

Yay I am so glad this blog is back! Hilarious.

Promotional Pens said...

So this is how new fashion trends are created...lol