Don't Drink and Design (covers)

If you drink and drive, the ghostly face of Elizabeth Taylor will appear and and her eyeball will be in your steering wheel. Like it's not hard enough to concentrate on the road!

Hey, at least her hands are at the 10 and 2!

Thanks, Awful Library Books!


Anonymous said...

Omg! Is this non-fiction?? Embarassing.

BikerPuppy said...

It's GOT to be a hazard to have enormous red and black opaque lettering on your windshield too.

space pickle said...

very funny blog, threw it on my blog-roll.

JamiSings said...

Have you seen the book on divorce they found?

Best worse part is this, "But Grandma said Mommy would not want to come home at all if Janey was so bad and angry and cried so much."

Lovely grandmother there. Right up with Norman Bates' mommy.