Sultry Sunday #17 - The weekly "Pop Sensation" crossover

Once again, a syndicated installment of "Pop Sensation" -

Paperback 186: Gold Medal 947 (PBO, 1960)

Title: Danger Is My Line
Author: Stephen Marlowe
Cover artist: Uncredited (looks like Barye Phillips a little)

Best things about this cover:

  • "Oh, don't mind me, I'm just..."
  1. "tying my ... pump"
  2. "doing some very advanced step aerobics"
  3. "trying to figure out the most auspicious way to present my magnificent rear end to the world"
  • Chester Drum looks like he's prepping to give someone a very unpleasant exam
  • "Danger Is My Line" is a beyond-lame title - along with the author's last name (Marlowe), it furthers the impression that the book will be a horrid rip-off of Chandler (who wrote "Trouble Is My Business")

Best things about this back cover:

  • So Chester Drum is ... a lamb. Either that, or one of Mary's lambs wants to screw her.

Page 123~

Maybe he got the belly from drinking too much beer or maybe he got it from eating criminals alive - but the overall impression he gave, penguin-body, rimless hexagonal glasses, merry twinkling eyes, was about as deadly as a house-cat's. Still, I told myself, these things are relative - house-cats are pretty deadly: to rats.

"Deep Thoughts," by Chester Drum



Toonhead said...

Could describe Santa Claus

Miss Maggie said...

Baby. Got. Back. Rrrrowwwwwlll!

xenobiologista said...

Are you kidding me? House cats are evil sadistic little bastards. (The one purring in my lap managed to flay a couple of baby rabbits alive because they were too big for her to kill outright. She's indoors-only now.)

Ebony McKenna. said...

clearly she got a ladder in her stockings and was just dabbing some nail polish on it ...
And if she wasn't doing that, then I don't know WHAT she's supposed to be doing...

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's supposed to be climbing on the chair to escape through a window?
... if there were a window.

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a cross dresser to me. Check out the eyebrow! Just the wrong angle to see the adam's apple...

-- Feral Boy

jrleek said...

Huh. I thought the most interesting point of the cover was the Mickey Mouse-like glove he's got there.