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From my new favorite reader, Kenneth S. comes my new favorite category romance title, Motive: Secret Baby. As he says,

It’s really the title that gets me. Motive: Secret Baby – it’s supposed to be dramatic, but it’s like they couldn’t think of a title, so they just lifted something off the smudged corner of the author’s brainstorming notebook. Whose motive? Whose baby? Why is the baby secret? I suppose we can infer from the picture that the man carrying the baby has the motive. But just what is he motivated to do? Carry the baby away from the stormy lighthouse where it was secretly raised to age of seven months?

Thanks, Kenneth! From now on, whenever anyone asks me to justify something, my answer will be "Secret Baby."

"Maughta, why did you eat the last cupcake?"
Secret Baby

"Why are you shelving Bibles in the Fiction section?"

Secret Baby
Why were you getting fatter for the last nine months and suddenly you are so slim?"



DocTurtle said...

Maybe "'secrete' baby" is what was meant?

From the back cover: "Jonathan Blaze had one mission: to secrete Muriel's baby in the abandoned Nazi fortress. Everything else...would take care of itself."

Derdrom said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, it had SOMETHING to do with secretions!

-- Feral Boy

Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering why the man seems to be carrying the baby into the stormy sea rather than away from it.

Maybe he wants to be sure the baby is secret--permanently????

Or perhaps it's "Secret, Baby" as in he's showing the baby his secret ability to walk on water...hm...

Unknown said...

I've only ever seen "secret baby" used about a romance in a negative sense. It would normally mean that the couple splits up, heroine is pregnant but doesn't tell the hero he's going to be a dad. They bump into each other several years later , and despite her best efforts at evasion he discovers that there's a child, etc etc.

Other possible titles for this series would include:

Code-Name: Too Stupid To Live

Mission: Big Misunderstanding

Description: Wall-Banger

Ken Stalter said...

Also forthcoming in the series:

Tactic: Sexy Walk

Game Plan: Chocolates

Plot Twist: Different Father

Ken Stalter said...

One more:

New Look: Stubby Chin Hair