I accept!

Dear Sarah (of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books),

As Maughta indicated in a comment on your begauntleted blog post, she once had me read one of Betina Krahn's Victorian affairs, "The Last Bachelor." The heroine was a wealthy widow who took in destitute young women and married them off to unsuspecting bachelors, little knowing that her own turn was soon to come.

I recall that though the book was well-written, it simply wasn't my cup of tea. It didn't hold my interest. My feeling is much like my take on Mozart and B.B. King: though I've never much cared for either of them, I certainly appreciate their extraordinary talents.

In any case, never one to shrink from a challenge, I accept and await the title you select. Will you draw from the Blaze basket? The Presents pile? Or, quel horreur!, the NASCAR nook? Please be gentle.

Please send us your chosen title forthwith, we're on tenterhooks.


P.S. -- Incidentally, in the interest of historical accuracy, I would like humbly to admit that the Random Mammal Generator (as funny as I find it) is the brainchild and Meisterwerk of my friend Eric Schneider. The Random Romance Novel Title Generator is all my own, however. Mea culpa.


Miss Maggie said...

Bring it on! Grrrr, arrrrrrrgh, much gnashing of teeth...

Mary B said...

Hooray! I hope they send you a Regency to read or maybe even a nice Pirate.

Don't forget to show us the cover too. :)

Morgan's Mum said...

I think he should have to submit a full book report on it here once he has finished reading it too.

I eagerly await the results!


chicken lips said...

ooohhhh, I can't wait to see what you're going to be reading!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so you accepted already--what happened next? We eagerly await an update...