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Goin' to the beach with lots of urban fantasy (I'm a sucker for a strong feminist chick with big boobs on the cover), but wanted to leave you something to do (besides the excellent Romance Novel Title Generator that TurtleBoy made up for us and which can be found in the last post). Here are some links I've been meaning to post for, like, ever. Thanks to the readers who directed me to them. Enjoy!

Pistil Books' Museum of Weird Books
Rex Parker's Pop Sensation
Punk Rock Penguin's Bad Book Covers
FlapArt (for reading romance novels in public)
Reusable Cover Art in Historical Novels
Spooky Moon's Cover of the Week
Suburban Beatnik's Toga Porn
and finally A Guide to Writing your own Michael Crichton Book (and a book using the formula)


Anonymous said...

By the way, I have a suggestion for you, although it's bypassing the judge the cover part and going to ACTUAL BOOK.

Now, I'm a sucker for the occasional awful book that is really a skanky romance novel disguised as a historical romance.

The Secret Life of the Pink Carnation by Laura Willig.

I could have written this in seventh grade. I did, actually, just slightly different settings.

Oh, and the cover (see, we got around to it?) completely gives away the "secret life" before you finish the first pragraph.

fairyhedgehog said...

Great links, thanks!

The Michael Crichton book is a scream.