John Ringo - Who Knew?

"Few names in the lore of western gunmen are as recognizable. Few lives of the most notorious are as little known. Romanticized and made legendary, John Ringo fought and killed for what he believed was right. ... In this charnel house Ringo gained a reputation as a dangerous gunfighter and man killer. He was proclaimed throughout the state as a daring leader, a desperate man, and a champion of the feud. ... In the end, Ringo died mysteriously in the Arizona desert, his death welcomed by some, mourned by others, wrongly claimed by a few."

From the synopsis of John Ringo, King of the Cowboys by David Johnson.

How often do we get to snark about something from a university press?  Is JaBbiC favorite John Ringo named after the Cowboy King?   Does he give mustache rides?


Miss Maggie said...

The Hoo Doo War?

We do! We do!

DocTurtle said...

Who knew hoo doo? Ringo! That's who.

That is one happenin' 'stache.

Anonymous said...

This blog is so funny, I don't realize it until I read the comments and go back and look at the cover. Let's keep this in the family. Maughtamom

Toonhead said...

This is the second edition. I have some illustrations in a book from the same press: Texas Rattlesnake Roundups

The John Ringo author also authored this: The Mason County "Hoo Doo" War, 1874–1902

Wow, talk about specialized research interests.

Update: I drew the last You've Been Warned panel today. I still need to scan, color and add Patterson and Roughan's words.

Kate Evans said...

Now we know what inspired one of the Beatles...

atomicbird said...

If he's the king of the cowboys, howcome someone managed to cut off his tie? Is that why he looks so stern? Was Tie-rustlin' a common problem in the old west?

Maybe I should read this book and find out.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there's a song about an old western guy named Ringo! Maybe it's him!