Admit it. You read that title as "Black Ass Blood" the first time, didn't you!

If this woman stands up straight, she won't fall over, but only because her butt sticks out as much in the back as her boobs do in the front. They balance each other out.

Don't get too close, Mr. Skeleton -- she could poke your eye out with those pointy gravity-defying mams!

*Sorry Maughta, I couldn't find any good Phallic Phriday covers, so I went with the easier-to-find mammary/booty cover.

And just because it amused me so much last time, behold: another Jimmy Doohan novel!

I'm pretty sure his head is actually a space station in this one. I am sure this appears somewhere in the story:

"Doohan Station, this is Derra Privateer, requesting permission to dock with Nostril 1."

"Permission granted, Derra Privateer. Please proceed through mustache for decontamination prior to docking."


Erik said...

Not sure that "aaaaaaaassssss" has quite the same effect as "braaaaaiiiinnnnnnnssssss"...

Rex Parker said...

Pictures bigger make!

I was sure / hoping that cover said "Black Asssss!" But no, those letters underneath aren't extra "S"s ... sad.


BikerPuppy said...

Rex, I'll try to make the pics bigger (it won't let me edit it anymore) next time. I just didn't want them to be blurry.

JamiSings said...

Actually with that space ship pene- I mean entering that hole - I'd say that's pretty phallic right there.

I did not read it as "black ass" - I did, however, wonder why the undead wanted to goose her.

JamiSings said...

Alright, BP, found a slightly bigger BAB picture for you over at RobChilson.com.


As for the Doohan book I found this site with a larger picture.

Oh, and incase you want to keep up with the Doohan theme.

Heck, with all the Star Trek novels supposedly written by the actors you could totally have a "Star Trek Saturday" at this rate. Shatner's books alone should keep you occupied for awhile.

Random White Guy said...

Black Ass Blood
The remains of Sir Mix-A-Lot just won't rest in peace.

"I like big buttssssss and I cannot lieeeee..."

Sexy Sadie said...

I read it as "Back Ass Blood"!