Yoooo hooo!

Instead of "The Amateur Marriage" this book should be entitled "The Amateur Homeowners." Or "The Amateur Exhibitionists." I had a neighbor like this once. Very disturbing. I'm pretty sure he had no shades or drapes on the window at all, because they were always open. Maybe he truly was an exhibitionist, but he frequently paraded around naked with a light on at night. Perhaps "paraded" is the wrong word, but he definitely walked around. Unfortunately, it wasn't Brad Pitt or Russell Crowe, you know, a guy you might enjoy seeing walk around in his bedroom. No, he looked a lot like Michael Moore. Very, very scary. I think he accounts for some of my neuroses.


Anonymous said...

Arrgh! Scary! Though the cover looks a little drab. Michael Moore standing at the window would have livened it up a whole lot eh? :)

Alissa Grosso said...

I too have a neighbor who apparently owns no shades or curtains. He is also literally crazy and talks/shouts to himself. I have decided I prefer walking my dog on other streets.

I actually remember reading the Amateur Marriage a few years ago. The cover didn't stick with me, but I remember thinking the book was very boring. Perhaps the cover is the best part.