Sultry Sunday #25: the weekly "Pop Sensation" crossover

Whoops, missed last week. Sorry about that. Moving right along ... carnies!

Paperback 212: Gold Medal 372 (PBO, 1954) - Canadian Edition

Title: Notorious (no, not that "Notorious")
Author: Day Keene
Cover artist: Uncredited

Best things about this cover:
  • The fact that the Canada-only "35c" price tag overrides the Giant "25c" sign in the middle of the cover painting.
  • Innocent country girl tries to make it in the big ... Carny?
  • "I want to look like her. Can you do that, leering carnival barker man?"
  • "So, whatcha got in the suitcase, lady?" "Murder." "Oh ... I see."
  • "Murder in her suitcase" - this makes me hope for something gloriously bloody, like a small chainsaw with which she starts beheading everyone in site: "Is this part of the show, mama?"
  • I Really wish the lady in the foreground weren't so damned shadowed

Best things about this back cover:

  • Say what you will about Day Keene, he could totally rock the 'stache.
  • Ferron! "They call me Ferron: The Iron Man"
  • "the main chance"? - is that Canadian for "the big score"?

Page 123~

Kelcey struck Ferron in the face. "Where's the money, carny? Where's the eighteen grand?"



Video Zeta One said...

Having a great time reading your cover commentaries. Love what's going on here, and just wanted to throw a little praise your way.

BikerPuppy said...

What's with the closer lady's boob? Really strange shape.... (That's a Mammary Monday comment!) I agree about Keene's stache. He seems to carry it well, without looking exactly like a pornstar/used car salesman.

Unknown said...

She must be wearing a strapless bra that has somewhat lost its shape and the silicone thingy that is supposed to keep it up doesn't hold that well any more. That can cause them to look a bit wonky (or maybe it's just my boobs that hate strapless bras).

Anyway, I'm back to lurking. Love the blog.

Rex Parker said...

Yes, I left the boob alone, as I couldn't think of anything nice to say. Seemed a realistic enough boob. I've seen far, far, far more insane boobs on pb covers. Lastly, allow me to say, boob.


Felicity Walker said...

I think that sissy’s erection is causing his petticoat to tent.

Yes, apparently “the main chance” is an obscure way to say “the big score.” I only encountered this expression myself in the last couple of years.