Virile Horses and Luscious Man Boobies

Wow. I'm back from enjoying my windfalls. I simultaneously won the British Lottery, the Irish Lottery, and the Canadian Lottery! It's amazing because I've never actually been to any of these places (well, I've been to Canada, but it's not nearly as exotic), nor have I enrolled in any lotteries. Isn't the internet great?! At the same time, my friend Mrs. Sese-Seko from Nigeria must have heard of my good luck and wanted to invest some money with me. Wow, I know everyone's talking about the economic downturn, but it's looking up for me!

Also appearing in my inbox these days are the following gems from the Ludovician (I wonder if they have lotteries in Ludovicia?).

When I was a little maughta my best friend and I used to spend hours drawing horses. Yes, like other little girls we were obsessed with cloven-hooved hunks of horseflesh. We also drew fashion models and our own fashions (this was the '80s, keep in mind, so big shoulder pads and pastel makeup was all the rage). I think our pictures looked a lot like this:

Someone is a little too used to drawing giant pecs on romance heroes and got a little carried away on Sir Neigh, here. Is that a six pack?!?

So, what happens when you combine Mucha paintings with digital clocks? No, not steampunk. Rather, what we have here. At least the horse parts look a little more logical than the previous cover!

I'm not sure the following cover could be in any way improved, although it might help if it had a horse on it. Or, y'know, didn't look like it was drawn by a methed-out skaterpunk in the eighth grade on his math homework.

And finally, this lovely find from one of my favorite blogs, Cake Wrecks, sent in by Edmund S. The sad part is I would have loved this cake when I was 14! Heck, my birthday is coming up soon (soon being a relative term and meaning <6>

Save me the pecs, Tracy!!

UPDATE: Horses don't have cloven hooves. I'm confusing them with satyrs. It's a natural mistake!


Topaz said...

I would have loved all of those when I was 14 (back in 1980 lol). Well, except that Texas Vamp guy, he's just creepy.

BUT, as a mom now, I don't know if I'd let my 14 yo daughter have a cake that's more suited for a bachelorette party! LOL

Turi Becker said...

I actually thought about your blog when I saw that on Cake Wrecks. Hope you get something as good (um, cake-wise, I mean...) for your birthday...

Rex Parker said...

I like how Knight Moves sounds like a Bob Seger song, looks like an early-80s Piers Anthony novel, and has a "War Games"-era computer font. OK, so let's avg those elements out:

Seger song charted = 1977
Piers Anthony's "On a Pale Horse" = 1983
"War Games" = 1983

Therefore, your book was published in: 1981

Was I close?

Miss Maggie said...

It was 1985, Rex, so as a matter of fact yes, you were right! Feels good doesn't it. :)

Miss Maggie said...

...errr...I'm mean "close," not "right."

See, I know being right feels good because I so rarely am!

Sleepydumpling said...

One little point... horses hooves aren't cloven.


Rex Parker said...

One littler point - the "horse" part of the Anthony title didn't have anything to do with my rationale for choosing it. If I'd been going for a thematic connection, I'd have chosen Piers Anthony's "Centaur Aisle" (1982). Snap!


writtenwyrdd said...

Oh boy! I just spent hours going through Cake Wrecks! Thanks for that link!

As far as the virile pony goes, with the exception of that weird horse chest, I love that cover. Sad when one thing throws off the art. And: Sir Neigh, I just love it.

Anonymous said...

i'm definitely with you on the young girl / horse thing ..... god, how many hours did i spend playing with my plastic ponies? drawing my own? reading the Misty of Chincoteague series ?? sigh.

when i finally got my own REAL LIVE horse, i was sixteen .... unfortunately my passions had already moved on to REAL LIVE boys who generally had under-developed pecs ...

maybe i should have stuck with the horse ;)

these are great covers, btw ... and i've certainly had fun visiting!