Fairy Dust

Whew! Just escaped from the sexbots.

While I replenish my fluids and take some vitamin E, here's a video for your enjoyment. It features a fruitcake who draws bookcovers. Someone's been dipping in the fairy dust!!


Anonymous said...

whatta load of bollocks!!!


Anonymous said...

"TAKEN BY THE VIKING" historically accurate?

I don't think there has ever been a dark-haired viking anywhere!!!

Cartophiliac said...

Don't be silly, there were/are plenty of dark haired Nowegians:


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that woman said with a straight face that she depicted a strong woman on the Jade Lee book. She's in the classic Princess Leia pose!

Is it just me or did anyone else detect a bit of snark in the video direction? I got the impression some of the clips were presented with an eyeroll.

Miss Maggie said...


That bit about the "strong woman" also struck me as hilarious. But I think the best part is the unicorns on her property.

Anonymous said...

"I wanted her to look powerful," she says, as the camera zooms in on a depiction of a scared-looking woman lying clinging to an overdeveloped male six-pack.

Sleepydumpling said...

Meh, they're kind of cheesy covers but seriously, you can do, and have done, better than these for truly vomitous covers.

Anonymous said...


"...women taking control...I think that kind of imagery is becoming extremely acceptable."
-What, just now? Are you sure it wasn't like, the 70's?

"I wanted to show the toughness of this female."
-by highlighting her breasts! Apparently a squinty expression and flyaway hair equals "toughness."

"The author puts in the grimy, gritty historical detail that you don't often see."
-Which is a barefoot woman...in a romance novel...dagger in hand...who just rendered her clothing...?? *snort* WWII novels have nothin' on these.

"You know these people are unwashed. They wish they had anti-biotics with them, they wish they had toothpaste."
-Hey lady, don't be talking about my brother on YouTube.

Hee, so funny XD

Baalcebub said...

The poor model with the "orb" or whatever, the one that was supposed to be looking strong, she looked scared! Like "I better just do what this crazy woman is telling me to... or else".
Oh, and the tingly feeling she has with the covers with hot guys on... I was just speechless... and tingly...
And the ex marine who also is a psychiatrist for paranormal entities such as vampires... anyone who can say those words with a straight face needs some kind of medication, I wouldn't feel safe near her either... maybe that's why the orb holding model was so scared.
Yes, there is definitely some snark on that video, are you guys sure it wasn't a video from Bullshit? I could swear it was.

xenobiologista said...
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xenobiologista said...

"She's holding an orb of great power..."

reminds me of the "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!" LOLcat, for some weird reason.

Oh, and does anyone else have a pet peeve about "strong women" in book covers and movies always running around with long unbound hair? Seriously, if I was trying to kill people or people were trying to kill me I would braid my hair or at least do a ponytail. The last thing you want is your bangs flying in your eyes as you take aim with your P90 at whatever eldritch monsters.